Dear Sir,
I am honored and pleased to be able to recommend my son, Joshua P. Rhoades and his wife Vashtee Rhoades to be missionaries to Guyana. I have known Joshua for 1:6 years. As a teen, he was a part of our youth group at church. After the death of his dad, God allowed me to marry Joshua’s mother when Joshua was 19. He has always shown to have strong Christian character. As a father, I have seen Joshua take criticism well. He listens and will follow-up to see that all is done right! I am very proud of him and how God has used him in the past.I have watched him seek godly advice from several people before making decisions. It was a joy to watch him initiate and manage a bus ministry. He has a love for children! It is very much noticed by people around him! Joshua has a servant’s heart. This is a must for any minister of the Gospel of Christ, including a missionary. I also have had the pleasure of serving with him as a deacon and Sunday school teacher through the years. Joshua has filled the pulpit for me on a nuJnber of occasions at Central Baptist Church. He spends time preparing his messages. His thoughts are deep and well thought-out. Praise the Lord! Our people have fallen in love With Joshua, Vashtee, and Mercy. Now, called as missionaries, I am confident that all of his preaching will be effective for the people in Guyana, and Vashtee will be a big help in their ministry. I know he will be used in the future and I look forward to how God will bless the people of Guyana with what He can do through this young family.
Looking unto Jesus,
Pastor Paul D. Fetter

I would like to enthusiastically recommend Josh and Vashtee Rhoades to you for your prayerful and financial support as they endeavor to go to Guyana South America as missionaries. As their pastor, I have observed their burning desire to carry the Gospel to this needy land with the intent of starting churches and training schools for the ministry.
I have known Josh and Vashtee for many years and have always had a profound admiration for their love for the Lord and His calling upon their lives. I’ve never seen anyone demonstrate a willingness to do whatever they can for the propagation of the Gospel any more than Josh and Vashtee.
I met Vashtee and her family while on a mission trip to her native Island of Trinidad in 1994 when she was a young teenager. I marvel how the Lord led her to the US to a young preacher and united their hearts together to send them to Guyana. With Vashtee being the fruit of missionary efforts and their vision for souls, I believe they are very worthy of your prayers and support. I am confident that the Lord will use them mightily to preach the Gospel and train converts in Guyana.
In Him, For Him, By Him,
Dr. J. Barry Goodman, Pastor